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Ovulation Symptoms

Ovulation Symptoms

For some women, it’s pretty easy to tell when they are most fertile as they ovulate around the same time each cycle, but for others it is quite difficult to know and predict when they ovulate.

We have compiled a list of common signs to look out for to be able to predict your ovulation period especially for those looking to time sex to that window for the purpose of childbearing.

Give yourself a few months to monitor and track these signs for you to be pretty sure about when you ovulate, and also do not hesitate to see a doctor if your menstrual cycle is very irregular.

Signs of ovulation to look out for

  • Changes in your cervix. When you are ovulating, you may notice that your cervix feels softer, more open and wetter. You can feel this if you insert a finger into your vagina to examine your cervix.
  • Changes in your cervical mucus. You know that vaginal discharge that appears thick and sticky that you sometimes find in your underwear? that is a cervical mucus.For most part of the month, you may have very little of it, but in the days leading up to your ovulation, it increases and turns clear, slippery, and stretchy like raw egg whites. It continues during and immediately after your ovulation.
  • Changes in your basal body temperature(BBT). BBT is known as your lowest body temperature in a 24-hour period. Usually a day after your ovulation, your BBT will go up and stay elevated until your next period. Just as for the other symptoms. You will need to monitor your BBT for a couple of cycles for you to see a pattern that will help you predict your ovulation.

Asides from the aforementioned signs to look out for, there are a couple of symptoms that might also help in predicting ovulation. These symptoms are not as common as the above signs and do not necessarily happen to a lot of women, but they do occur in a few women. So, look out for these symptoms as well as the signs listed above.

Some of the symptoms include: heightened sense of smell, increased sex drive, breast tenderness and mild abdominal cramps.

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