Sleep Duration

Sleep Duration

One of the many things parents(especially new parents) are worried about their babies, is if they are getting enough sleep or over sleeping and when is the best time for them to sleep. These are all legitimate worries and with a little research, your mind should be put to rest.

Keep in mind that sleep patterns are not cast in stone and varies from child to child, as does timeline for developmental milestones. So, some children may need more sleep than others. Also, do not be alarmed when your baby’s sleep pattern fluctuates or changes. It happens in a lot of children as they develop and reach new milestones.

Below are guidelines on the number of hours an average baby or toddler needs.

Nighttime:8 ½ hours
Daytime:8 ½ hours (varied number of naps)
Average Total Sleep:17 hours

Age:1 month
Nighttime:9 hours
Daytime:8 (varied number of naps)
Average Total Sleep:17 hours

Age:3 months
Nighttime:10 hours
Daytime Sleep:6 (three naps)
Average Total Sleep:16 hours

Age:6 months
Daytime:5 (two or three naps)
Average Total Sleep:15 hours

Age:9 months
Daytime:3 1/2 (two naps)
Average Total Sleep:14 1/2hours

Age:12 months
Daytime:3 (two naps)
Average Total Sleep:14 hours

Age:18 months
Daytime:2 1/2hours (one nap)
Average Total Sleep:13 1/2hours

Worried your baby isn’t catching enough sleep?

Here are a few things you can do to help get your little one settled in so he can have a good sleep

  • Create a nighttime routine. Bathe him(if necessary), sing him a lullaby or read him a book, dim the lights, turn off loud noises and put him to bed when he’s drowsy but awake. If he wakes at night, do not interact too much with him so that he doesn’t wake up fully. According to some doctors, letting your baby take short naps as against long naps during the day makes him sleep longer and soundly at night.
  • Create a daytime routine. Schedule his meals and naps at the same times every day so that he is used to the routine. Try to be as consistent as possible. It puts his mind at rest that he knows what is coming and that can make him sleep more soundly.

For more information on sleep routines of babies. Read our article on baby sleep basics for different ages(birth to 3 months, 3 to 6 months, 6 to 9 months, and 9 to 12 months) here

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